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The Dreaded Conversation: 9 Tips for Talking with Mom and Dad About Senior Living

The holiday season is a wonderful time for reuniting with family and friends. It is also a time we may notice warning signs that our aging elders are no longer safe to live alone. That realization can lead to the dreaded conversation. Being prepared will make it easier on you all.

When it’s time to have the talk, these nine tips can help avoid accusations, frustration and anger.

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Sex Among Dementia Patients Spurs Call for Policies

This is not about sex. It’s about leadership and not dodging issues. We want to do the right thing for our residents and families.   Juniper Communities CEO Lynne Katzmann shares some thoughts in this Bloomberg interview….

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So Far, So Good: Post #1

by H.L. Kayston

When my mother was about 91, she would sit in her green leather reclining chair, which didn’t recline because it was placed too close to the wall, and if she was asked how she felt that day, or any day, she would always reply, “so far, so good.” She had the usual complement of aches and pains that an old body is heir to; a broken and repaired but worn out hip, vision that had not had our modern cataract surgery so required “coke-bottle” glasses, and short-term memory loss not uncommon to a nonagenarian.

But oh, her attitude, her eternal optimism, her humor, her heartfelt cackling laugh whenever she was amused, which was frequent, lives in my memory and gives me hope that I can emulate her, at least in some ways. That is why these selections will be called, “So Far, So Good.”

During and after my various careers, I toyed with the idea of writing an autobiography or a book of fiction, which may well have ended up being one and the same. I always rejected the thought, either on the premise that it would be an incredible act of hubris to think that anyone would actually read it, or because I was simply too lazy to work at it.

But lo and behold, here I am still at work at a rather advanced age, probably the most senior employee of the company and I have been assigned the task of writing a blog. No excuses, no putting it off; it’s part of my job now, so I guess you’ll be hearing from me on occasion.

Welcome to the Social Network, HLK!

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Demystifying and Demythifying Retirement Savings (Part Four)

With the imposition of ObamaCare health insurance could soon become a legal requirement, but you should have health insurance anyway since medical debt is one of the leading causes of bankruptcy. Unfortunately, thanks to the new law, it will also become much more complicated. As such, it will be more important than ever to seek the advice of professionals, so we will only discuss health insurance in general terms.

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Lynne Katzmann, CEO, Juniper Communities. 25th Anniversary Celebration - Juniper Village at Chatham. (photo)

Lynne Katzmann, CEO, Juniper Communities. 25th Anniversary Celebration - Juniper Village at Chatham. (photo)